IN PICS – Speedweek

Salt flat racing at Lake Gairdner Speedweek

Photographers: Simon Davidson

FOR THOSE who have a need for speed, salt lake racing is the ultimate adrenalin rush. Land speed racing has been around for as long as there have been motor cars and the fastest wheel driven vehicles are topping out at 439mph (707kph).

Lake Gairdner in South Australia is the only place where you can put your foot down and hold it flat for miles at a time. The hard white salt stretches all the way to the horizon and provides an amazing contrast with the rust red dirt of the surrounding countryside.

For 95% of the year it’s a place of extreme quiet and solitude, but when Speedweek rolls around there’s nothing quite like hearing the sound of an 800hp V8 churning through the gears for 5-miles at full rpm. It’s an awesome thing to see and hear, but if you can’t get out there next year, then check out Simon Davidson’s amazing photos. There’s more in the current issue of Street Machine as well. Grab it now!