BIG IS beautiful they reckon, and that’s certainly true of Drag Week entrant George Gallimore’s massive 1970 Monte Carlo. It’s not just big though, it’s also blisteringly quick, with the 4000lb+ behemoth capable of mid-sevens on the quarter.

Naturally it needed a few mods to make it so swift, and they’ve gone with a 555ci big-block Chev with a pair of 88mm Garrett turbos to get it moving.

How much power? The boys from Memphis didn’t want to hazard a guess, but at 4050lb it takes around 2100hp to run a 7.64@192mph. So it’s got plenty of grunt.

Most days at Drag Week George ran just one pass before hitting the road for the next track, and with a little help from Jeffery Ferguson of JF Hot Rods, he had no trouble completing the 1000-mile journey.

Watch the Monte Carlo fly in this short clip from Drag Week 2015, and check back later for more action from Hot Rod Drag Week.

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