Drag Challenge invades BIG4 The Bend

Racers from all over Australia have converged on BIG4 The Bend, ready for Drag Challenge 2023


Tomorrow is rego day for Street Machine Drag Challenge 2023. This is the day we sticker up our 200-odd entrants, run them through scrutineering and get familiar with the brand-new Dragway at the Bend facility.

Plenty of racers have already lobbed into town, some keen to put their feet up for a day of watching Bathurst. Not a bad way to relax before the madness of Drag Challenge.

Others, like Ricc Pontonio used the day to test-out brand-new combinations. Ricc’s twin-turbo LSA-powered Merc wagon had only been running for a matter of days before heading out on the 700km drive from Melbourne to Tailem Bend. Ricc is running in Tuff Mounts 235 Blown.

Tim Fletcher stick-shift, untubbed VL is a trick thing. He’s running in Speed Pro Six Cylinder. Cool details include Kirkey seats trimmed in VL fabric and the steath headight solution.

Warwick Meldrum is a Drag Challenge veteran in his Barra-powered VF Valiant. He’s given it a very nice makeover and it is hauling arse in the eight-second zone.

Jason Behan’s LS-powered VG Valiant ute is a stunner. This will be his first time taking on Drag Challenge, all the way from the Sunshine Coast.

Dave Carpenter has brought his killer Camaro all the way from Darwin again, to take on Pacemaker Radial Aspirated.

Hare & Forbes DYO is going to be a super-competitive year, with reigning champ Jamie Turner back in his HQ to take on almost 60 cars.

Dan Case has been both driver and crew and his back for more in Radial Aspirated in his stunning Torana.

Greg and son Lewis Mason are OG Drag Challenge entrants, back to our very first event in 2014 in Greg’s El Camino.

Jude Drew’s stealthy VR SS Commodore is another trick entrant in Pacemaker Radial Aspirated.

Come and check out almost 200 more of maniacs from 9am at Dragway at the Bend on Tuesday.

  • Oct 10 – Day 1 – Dragway at the Bend. Gates open 8am, racing 9am-3pm
  • Oct 11 – Day 2 – Sunset Strip Mildura. Gates open 8am, racing 9am-3pm
  • Oct 12 – Day 3 – Heathcote Park Raceway. Gates open 8am, racing 9am-3pm
  • Oct 13 – Day 4 – South Coast Raceway. Gates open 8am, racing 10am-4pm
  • Oct 14 – Day 5 – Dragway at the Bend. Gates open 8am, racing 10am-4pm