Drag Challenge Day Five – Video

All the thrills and spills of the final day of Drag Challenge 2019


DRAG Challenge is a monster event, and since the very start in 2014, our aim has been to provide as much coverage of as many racers as possible.

We devote a large chunk of the January issue of Street Machine to Drag Challenge, and create stacks of edited video for everyone’s enjoyment. Where possible, we also run a multi-camera live stream.

In 2017, we cranked up the quality of our daily video updates, incorporating interviews, flash graphics, slow-motion footage and a little drone action. This came about in large part thanks to the addition of a new team member, Matt Reekie. The bloke is a veritable Swiss Army knife of content creation and brings with him a work ethic that would shame a Clydesdale.

After each day’s racing, Matt works like a demon through the night to bring the racers and fans a fresh video in less than 24 hours. The aim is to give the viewers an insight into what the event is about by speaking to a wide variety of racers from all walks of life.

Matt produced six cracking daily videos this year, ably supported by the rest of the team, including Paul Cronin (interviews and 360 video), Shawn McCann (drone and slo-mo footage; editing help), Matt’s missus Angie (animation), Kian Heagney (cameras) and Jack Houlihan (cameras and editing assistance).

The team works to a brutal schedule, made more difficult by the fact that we are constantly on the move and usually the last ones to leave the track each day. Instant coffee, Corona Extras, soft-serve ice cream and positive feedback helps get things done.

So if you do enjoy the fruits of Matt’s labour, please leavea comment and share them far and wide.