Video: Drag Challenge 2023 day five

The sensational climax to Drag Challenge 2023


The final day of Drag Challenge is always one to keep your eye on. Sure, the field will be a tad smaller after four days of racing and road tripping. But the pressure to preserve the car has gone, so many of the teams turn up the wick, knowing they can tow their cars home at the end of the day if needs be.

DC ’23 was no different in that regard, with most of our big hitters running either PBs for the event or outright PBs. For example, Mark Whitla ran the first six-second and 200mph pass in one go.

A bunch of our heavy-hitters PBd in the sevens, including Shane Baker’s plastic-powered VH and the Toranas of Brandon Zito, Alexis Margaritis and Chris Kaarsberg. Mark Drew’s Torana ran a new Drag Challenge PB.

A stack of other cars bettered their best-ever times after five days on the road, including Andrew Baumgartner in his crazy HB Torana with an 8.1-second pass. Matt Carpenter from the NT ran a 10.17 in his Camaro, Tim Rhone ran a 9.28 in his twin-turbo XP Falcon, Dave Tierney in BOHZZ ran a 8.04 at 174mph, Warren Eustace’s HT ran a 10.8, Chevy Barnes-Librio’s XB ute ran an 11.2,

Harry Haig’s Camaro missed out on making a pass on day one, but returned on day five to make a couple of exhibition runs, putting the car in the 8.40s.

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