Meet the W Motors Lykan HyperSport, the most exclusive car ever featured in the Fast & Furious


BEING a producer for Fast & Furious 7 must be a tough gig. With six completely over-the-top films in the bank, going one better for the seventh outing is a genuine challenge.

The new flick moves to the United Arab Emirates, and as picture car supervisor Dennis McCarthy puts it: “When you’re dealing with an area where people drive their Bugatti to Starbucks, what do you really find to top it?”

The answer is a US$3.4 million supercar called the Lykan HyperSport. It is one of only seven to be built by W Motors in the UAE, making it one of the most exclusive cars in existence and the most expensive car in the history of the Fast & Furious saga.

It has a mid-mounted 3.8L flat-six from Porsche, bolstered by the addition of two turbos. W Motors claims an output of 770hp, with a 240mph (386km/h) top speed.

“The headlights of the car are made of white gold, diamonds and blue sapphire,” says Ralph Debbas, CEO of W Motors. “You can choose the stone that you want depending on the colour of the car.”

The Fast & Furious films have made a name for themselves as being a little, er, imaginative. Judging by the clip above, Furious 7 looks set to be the most reality-defying yet.

Outrageous the film franchise may be, but car guys everywhere – us included – will be indulging in a little guilty pleasure when Fast & Furious 7 crashes into cinemas on 2 April.

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