Lots of mayhem and some fast times for the Aussies on day two of Drag Week


DAY TWO of Hot Rod Drag Week has been done and dusted in Indianapolis and the teams are heading out the 284km road leg to the next race day at Great Lakes Dragway in Union Grove, Wisconsin. Here’s a quick update on how the Australian contingent fared.

Drag Week New 6 NwJohn Faraone ran his quickest ever pass, recording a 7.49-seconds at 189mph. And John reckons there’s more to be had out of the twin turbo Charger.

Drag Week ToranaThe Torana crew of Brian and Dianne Jensen had an interesting day. They had removed their bonnet to try and keep the car cool at the first checkpoint, strapping it to the roof. Unfortunately it came adrift on the interstate and so will have to complete Drag Week without it!

Darg Week MonaroBoth the Torana and the Trapnell Monaro are using enough fuel to send a small nation broke, with Greg Trapnell reporting that he is using 5.2 miles per gallon! The Torana is running pump fuel and is doing even worse, recording 2 miles per gallon! Naturally, this means a lot of fuel stops.

Drag Week ChevelleHarry Haig and the lads had diff troubles early in their trip to Indianapolis, and then spent the night helping Jeff Lutz try and stay in the competition. After that, their craptacular Chevelle developed a nasty driveline vibration, but luckily a local garage owner took pity on them and let them use his hoist, allowing them to replace the front yoke.

Drag Week CapriSteve Reimann and Mark Arblaster killed a fuel pump in their Capri, but were able to score a replacement.

Drag Week New 5 NwWith Jeff Lutz out of the game, Tom Bailey’s Camaro is in the outright lead, with Bryant Goldstone’s 1973 AMC Javelin close behind.

Drag Week New 4 NwHarry Haig’s ‘Sexual Steve’ Chevelle ran a new PB in Indianapolis of 14.0-seconds. Can they crack a 13? And will the car survive so that Harry can bring it back to Oz?

Drag Week New 1 NwEighteen-year-old Addie Ross on the road in her 10-second ’63 Ford Falcon woodie. What a combo!

Agrohq HQ MonaroThe Trapnell boys tried the nitrous for the first time in Indianapolis, but with mixed results.

Dodge DartDown from Alberta, Canada, Matt Blasco’s Dart is packing nearly 2000hp at the tyres. Up front it’s got an all-alloy 572ci big-block with twin 91mm turbos. Hubba hubba!

Stay tuned for videos and more!