Drag racing at Winton’s Performance Car Mania delivers the excitement

Videographers: Josh Robinson

PERFORMANCE Car Mania was on at Winton Raceway this weekend, and included burnouts, power skids and drag racing. The drag strip at Winton isn’t fantastic with quite a few undulations and one massive bump where the race circuit intercepts the drag strip. Fortunately, this weekend they were only running eighth mile drags so the cars were off the gas before that sketchy bump!

There was still plenty of dramas though, as cars unlucky enough to find themselves in the right-hand lane seemed to constantly run into trouble and find themselves in the dirt! One VK Commodore driver had a pretty scary incident on the Friday and spun off the track. We’re sure he’s glad there are no concrete barriers to content with at Winton’s strip.

Check out the video to see the VK’s off-track excursion along with a few other close calls and some quality racing!

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