It might seem like every man and his dog have gone LS-crazy, but that doesn't mean its predecessor - the venerable Holden V8 - is ready to be pensioned off


IT might seem like every man and his dog have gone LS-crazy, at least to those of us who were born with the letters ‘GM’ stamped on our foreheads.

LS-based motors are massively popular in many forms of motorsport, not least in drag racing, but that doesn’t mean its predecessor – the venerable Holden V8 – is ready to be pensioned off. After all, there is a lot of aftermarket gear and expertise available for them and besides which, they just sound better than the LS.

Some of the toughest cars to ever grace the Horsepower Heroes dyno were powered by Holden V8s with Brett Waine, Eddy Tassone, Rob Vickery and Jake Edwards all seeing over 1000hp at the rear wheels with boosted Holden V8s.

At the track there are some insanely fast cars getting around with Holden grunt, including Tony Webb’s rear-turbo enhanced 355ci LJ, Andrew Darby’s twin turbo VK wagon and Todd Foley’s gorgeous VH, just for starters! We’d like to find some more patriotic Holden V8 racers, so if you know a fast plastic-powered rocket, let us know in the comments section.