The famous LS6454 ’55 Chev has finally been released from hiding – and we drive it!


THIS issue we feature a car that we’ve featured before, way back in SM, June 1990.

The reason we are looking at this famous chopped 1955 Chevrolet again is that it has sat virtually un-driven for the past 25 years. As such, it is a super-rare time capsule of what an elite street machine was in the late 80s.

We say rare, because most high-end cars from that era have been changed beyond recognition, or have been pranged, rusted away or kept under lock and key.

These days, the ’55 is owned by Queenslander Drue Hutchy, who got the car running earlier this year and has driven the wheels off it ever since. Sure the paint is a bit patchy in places, but sitting under a tarp for years will do that.

You can read the Chev’s life story in the April issue of the mag, but for now, check it out in action!