Video: L67 intercooler test on the dyno

Scotty adds more boost to Supermang and tests out two styles of intercooler on the dyno

Videographers: Matt Hull

Hello Carnage fans! The time has come for the final episode for 2021 and boy, it is a fun one.

In this episode, Scotty throws our newly-intercooled Supermang on the Maxx Performance dyno to see how the eBay water/air barrel-style intercooler will perform.

For those who came late, Supermang is a grandpa-spec Holden VN Berlina. Scotty pulled the stock Buick V6 and replaced it with a stock-bottom-end L67 V6, complete with factory supercharger.

We’re now going through a series of staged upgrades that will conclude with a turbo set-up in 2022.

And guess what? The new intercooler works to reduce intake temps dramatically, opening the door for more boost. Naturally, Scotty fits the party pulley to the snout of Supermang’s little blower.

Things are looking good, but Scotty then wonders about the boost pressure drop through the jerry-rigged water/air system. Will a simpler air/air system, with a shorter boost path allow the crew to run more boost? Let’s find out!

Congratulations to Scotty, Kian and Matt for all their hard work on Carnage throughout this crazy year.

Thanks to the legends at Hare & Forbes and Ryobi for their amazing support, we couldn’t do it without them.

Thanks also to Zane and the Maxx Performance crew for their assistance and comradery.

And most importantly, a massive shout out to everyone who has followed Scotty’s adventures during the year. Your comments, messages and shares keep us going! See you all in 2022.