Ever wondered what goes into machining your engine?


EVER wondered what goes into machining your engine?

Most of the time you just drop off parts at the machine shop or engine builder, and pick them up again later, without much thought as to what happened inbetween. But engine machining is a precise business measured in ten thousandths of a inch (that’s 0.00254mm) and getting it right can make or break your engine.

So here’s the Edelbrock/Precision 408 that’s going in our Dodge Dart Swinger. Johnny Pilla and his team at Powerhouse Engines are doing all the work and they’re making sure this engine will be absolutely perfect when it’s finished.

Watch as our block is line honed, decked, bored and final honed as it’s being prepared for final assembly. The precision equipment and instruments required for these operations puts it out of the range of your typical backyard engine builder. It’s almost art!