Let’s have a closer look inside, underneath and all over Chris Bitmead’s XBOSS

Videographers: Chris Thorogood

IN CASE you haven’t heard, Chris Bitmead and his XBOSS team not only got their XB Falcon coupe safely to the Detroit Autorama, but they also placed in the Pirelli Great Eight.

XBOSS XB Falcon Coupe 7 NwThis is a massive achievement and a first for an Australian. Now we have to wait until Monday morning Aussie time to find out if Chris has done the almost-unthinkable and won the Ridler Award as well.

XBOSS XB Falcon Coupe 6 NwThe car is actually an XC Falcon hardtop, but Chris preferred the XB look and went for that. Every panel on the car is highly modified for a racier overall look. It has been built as an Individually Constructed Vehicle (ICV) under WA guidelines and so will be able to legally cruise the streets.

XBOSS XB Falcon Coupe 3 NwUnder the bonnet is a 5.4-litre Ford quad cam V8, pepped-up by a Kenne Bell supercharger and backed by a C10 auto. The suspension is Jaguar front and rear, with 20×10 and 18x8in Budnik rims.

XBOSS XB Falcon Coupe 1 NwThose involved with building the car – which was largely done in Chris’s home shed – include good mates Mark Allen and Travis Sparrow, body man John Gilbert, trim guru Michael Carter, Greg Maskell from Maskell’s Customs and Classics , Reaper Customs and Brodie Mitchell, with many others helping along the way. Stay tuned for lots more coverage from this amazing show.