V12 LS-swapped Kia Pregio van – Video

The guys from V12 LS stuff one of their V12 engines into a Kia van!


WE’VE been following the progress of the V12 LS guys for a couple of years now, and they’ve gone from chopping up two LS1 V8s and turning them into one V12 block to now casting their own blocks and cylinder heads right here in Australia. Matt and Shane Corish’s V12 engine is based on the design of an LS donk and takes a lot of OEM and aftermarket LS parts.

The whole idea behind the business was to give custom car makers an engine option that is just as unique as the rest of their build, rather than go with an off-the-shelf LS crate motor or similar.

 The boys have had a lot of support from within the industry, especially here in Australia from companies like Haltech, and plenty of interest over in America from custom car builders keen to put the V12 LS donk into their latest elite builds. You might remember a while back we featured Quality Custom Rides’ wild custom ’67 Camaro, which helped debut the engine at SEMA in 2016. That original development engine made over 700hp and was made from two cut-and-shut alloy LS1s.

Now the V12 LS boys offer their own custom-made alloy or cast-iron blocks produced from scratch. So they needed something cool to drop one of their new mills into. You’re probably thinking it’d be something cool with a big engine bay – maybe a ’57 Chev or an Impala. Er, nope. How about a Kia Pregio van? Yep, Matt and Shane really are crazy, but boy do they like a challenge. Check out the video to see how they went stuffing one of their engines into a Kia van and then cruising it on the street!