This has to be the coolest Hot Wheels track ever made, including helicopters and explosions!


IMAGINE you’re a kid for a moment, no an actual kid not just a grown man that still hasn’t stopped playing with cars. If you were to dream up the ultimate Hot Wheels track, it would probably look something like what film maker and YouTuber Mark Rober and his mates have made up – a giant 200ft long circuit that sweeps through the typical suburban American home and backyard, made up of jumps, explosions, helicopters and even underwater portions.

Mark’s background is in engineering, having worked for NASA for nine years and specifically on the Curiosity Rover, which has been exploring the planet Mars for the last five years. Mark also has a YouTube channel dedicated to crazy engineering experiments. This Hot Wheels video isn’t much of an engineering thing – although some engineering would go into the construction of the track and stunts – it was something Mark has wanted to do for a while for a bit of fun.

With the track built and obstacles all in place cars were needed, so the A-Team van, Knight Rider Trans-Am, the original Ghostbusters wagon, Back To The Future DeLorean and the Scooby Do van were selected for the epic Mario Kart-style race around the house. Was there ever really any doubt that the A-Team would pull something off at the end?

It took Mark and co three days to film the awesome video, with seven cameras including a GoPro mounted to a Hot Wheels car for those awesome shots going down the track and a camera that films up to 2500 frames per second for the explosion scene.

What do you think? Is this genius and has it inspired you to make your own insane Hot Wheels track?