One of the most unusual competitors at Drag Week 2015 was Troy Clark's twin-turbo Model A Ford


WE SAW plenty of weird and wonderful combinations at Hot Rod Drag Week, but none more unusual than Troy Clark’s twin-turbo Model A Ford Coupe.

Actual hot rods were few and far between at Drag Week, let alone anything as wild as this machine. Up front it runs a blow-through carby-fed twin turbo Windsor which has no trouble punting the all-steel early ‘30’s coupe down the quarter in under nine seconds.

For those who like a bit of detail the Windsor block runs a big bore and short stroke to yield it’s 380 cubes and with the compression at 8:1 it runs a pair of Edelbrock Victor heads with a Super Victor intake and a C&S-prepped blow through carb in combination with a pair of 62mm turbos. There’s an air-to-air intercooler to keep the intake temps down and Gear Vendors overdrive unit attached to the back of the Powerglide to make it nicer on the highway. ‘Nicer’ is a relative term though – remember, it’s still a 1931 Model A Coupe, and they were never the most comfortable of rides.

The flat black rod has run into the high-eight second zone and Troy actually drove it to the start in Madison Illinois all the way from Arizona; that’s about 2500km for those unfamiliar with US geography. Unfortunately he had some issues after day one and had to retire, no doubt he’ll be back for another crack next year.

Check out the on board video, and pay attention to the end of the burnout where it picks up both rear wheels and takes a look at the Christmas tree – all that power and short wheelbase makes for one wild little ride.