3000hp twin-turbo Dodge Viper, ‘The Juggernaut’ – Video

If you thought a standard Viper wasn’t fast enough, how do twin turbos and 3000hp sound?


DODGE Vipers have never been small when it comes to numbers, but an American workshop has taken the V10 bald-eagled monsters to another level.

Nth Moto is based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, and is renowned as one of the best in the business for extracting serious performance from Dodge’s flagship model. Its latest creation has been dubbed ‘The Juggernaut’, and the name is certainly fitting, as this car packs more than 3000rwhp and eye-watering speed to match.

To create The Juggernaut, Nth Moto took a second-gen 2001 Dodge Viper GTS and shoved a fifth-gen Viper V10 into the nose, strapping two turbos to the side for good measure.

This is the second car Nth Moto has built for customer Will Dugas, the first being a 2016 Dodge Viper ACR-E TT known as ‘Colossus’, which is still the world’s fastest Viper ACR at 222.9mph in the standing half-mile. Yet even with that incredible top speed, the point of that build was actually to make a well-rounded street car.

However, for the Juggernaut project, Nth Moto really decided to flex its muscle.

Strapped to the side of the renovated Viper V10 is a pair of Garrett 88mm turbos, using MoTeC electronics throughout and One Ethanol R fuel. Shifting is taken care of with an ATI TH400 ’box, sending power to the Nth Moto IRS system – and boy does it make some power.

The Juggernaut’s first-ever quarter-mile pass resulted in an 8.02@190mph, and the PB has since dropped to a 7.3@199mph. The car ran the 199mph on 28psi, which Nth Moto says is around 2450rwhp. “It sounds like a lot, except it’s not when you know how much more this can do,” says Aaron from Nth Moto.

At full chat, The Juggernaut has punched out 3103rwhp@7050rpm and 2404ft-lb@6600rpm on 39psi on the hub dyno – so if the car has already run a low seven and nearly 200mph on 28psi, these boys are gonna have some fun.

“We’re just starting to tickle this combination, so this thing is going to be really, really fast,” says Aaron. “Being full Gen V engine architecture, it really let us as a company showcase what we’ve been able to do with our typical Gen V engine programs. There’s really not a whole lot that’s super trick about it from just the engine part, and that was the point. It’s not anything uber-exotic or crazy race car. It’s still standard Gen V block and stock-casting cylinder heads.”

The car was partly built to take on Hot Rod Drag Week, which sadly has been cancelled for this year due to COVID-19 restrictions. But Nth Moto will still keep developing the car, and we’re looking forward to seeing what it can lay down once it really gets turned up at the track.

“It makes us all extremely excited to keep playing with this car in particular and get it out to the track and have some more fun, and at the same time showcase what we’ve been able to achieve as a company with this particular engine platform,” says Aaron.