Turbosmart factory tour – video

Turbosmart's General Manager Stewart Mahony takes us for a tour of its facility in Western Sydney


OUR mates at Turbosmart build world-class performance parts right here in Australia and ship them all over the planet, and we reckon that’s pretty cool. We run their stuff on a good number of our project cars, including the Turbo Taxi, MX5.7, Toxic Avenger and Aiden’s VL, and it’s all top-shelf equipment.

Mazda MX-5Turbosmart has not long lifted the lid on its new, cutting edge range of wastegates, so we thought we’d drop by their facility in Western Sydney for a factory tour with Turbosmart General Manager, Stewart Mahony.

Carnage Toxic Avenger Ford TerritoryWatch the video to check out Turbosmart’s impressive suite of machining equipment, right through to the meticulous hand assembly, testing and packaging processes.

Carnage Turbo TaxiStewart also talks us through the research and development involved in the new wastegate range, and the features and benefits it provides for the consumer.

Toxic Avenger engine bayFor more information on Turbosmart’s range of home-grown hot-up bits, head to www.turbosmart.com.au.