Insane 302-powered T-Model Sedan picks up the front wheels and runs 11s!


WAY back in the 1930s they worked out that the quicker you went, the more aerodynamic you needed to be. Tell that to Noel Inman; his 1922 T-Model Centre-door has the aerodynamics of a brick, but it runs very quick over the quarter mile.

The car itself is a fibreglass bodied T-model, one of only three ‘glass bodies made in this shape before they destroyed the moulds. It’s got a healthy little 302 Windsor up front and a C4 transmission connected to an IRS Jaguar rear end. A squirt of nitrous gives it the T-Model a healthy kick off the line, but Noel is careful not to run too fast, otherwise the powers-that-be will force him to put a roll cage in the car; something he has no intention of doing.

Usually the car is ultra-reliable and it has done thousands of passes down the strip over the years. Noel loves to race wherever and whenever he can, but he managed to kick the rods out during Street Machine Drag Challenge last year and so he’s built a fresh combo for the old Ford.

Watch it get up on the back wheels at Calder Park, imagine what it’s like to sit in a big glass box and do wheelstands on the way to a low 11sec pass at 120mph. Like we said before, this thing is crazy.