Aiden's Project VL video series kicks off later this week, here's what you can expect to see!


IF you follow any of our social media or read the mag you’ll have probably heard that I’m building a VL Commodore to take on Street Machine Drag Challenge later this year. I purchased the car about a year ago with the intention of turning it into a ten-second car.

 Originally it was going to be a budget (lol), stock bottom end manual build where I would do as much work on the car as I could, considering I have no mechanical experience whatsoever, however it has since spiralled madly out of control. We’re now doing a built motor with forged pistons and rods thanks to Powerhouse Engines, built auto gearbox from ProMatic and all turbo fab work, roll cage, fuel system and tuning by the boys at MPW. I’ll be helping out where I can, and learning plenty in the process.

 The goal is still low tens – high nines, but this way it will actually be reliable and not a ticking time bomb, plus we’ll have some head room to push it further once I get a bit seat time under my belt.

 So this weekly video series will document the whole process of taking my one-owner dead stock VL Commodore from a $1500 beater to race ready. You’ll see the full engine build, engine dyno, tuning with the Haltech Elite ECU, turbo fab work, rear end, roll cage and everything else with plenty of laughs, stuff ups (because I have no idea what I’m doing) and good times thrown in for good measure. Welcome to Project VL!