Nine-second Ecotec V6-powered HSV XU6 – Video

Pro Flow's HSV XU6 comes close to running an eight-second quarter-mile


THE HSV XU6 is probably one of the least-loved performance Commodores ever sold, but as George Voutsas has proved with his full-weight turbo Ecotec-powered streeter, there is potential there.

 The XU6 originally came with a 3.8-litre supercharged V6, and it’s pretty common for guys to swap the blower for a turbo set-up and make a shedload more power. George from Pro Flow Fabrication & Dyno has upgraded the 3.8’s pistons and rods but left the factory crank and added a giant BorgWarner ETR-HO76 billet turbo and Holley Hi-Ram intake into the mix. On George’s hub dyno the car made a massive 880rwhp – who needs a Barra or LS?

 It’s all controlled through a Haltech Platinum Sport 2000 ECU and runs an E85 fuel system. The rest of the drivetrain consists of a BBE Powerglide gearbox and factory independent rear suspension. It’s all fairly basic stuff, and being a full-weight VT Commodore street car, it isn’t light.

 At Calder Park a couple of weekends ago George ran a PB of 9.21@133mph, getting off the throttle at three-quarter track because the intercooler pipe came off! Given a full quarter-mile to stretch its legs, there’s no doubting that this thing would run an eight-second pass.