Eight-second Ecotec-powered VT Commodore

This VT Commodore just ran an eight at Calder Park with turbocharged Ecotec V6 power!


Seriously fast cars with Holden Ecotec V6 powerplants aren’t exactly common on Aussie drag strips – at least when compared to the straight six offerings from Ford, Toyota and Nissan. They do have plenty of potential though – just look at Jim Tatsis’s VT Commodore!

Jim has turned his unassuming V6 VT Commodore into a true street weapon. The car has been on the scene for a number of years now, and was running nines back in 2013 during the early stages of development with a 4.2-litre stroker Ecotec V6 boosted by a Garrett GTX50 turbo. However, it’s taken up until now to crack into the eights.

Last Friday night the full-street-trim VT Commodore ran an 8.79@156mph at Calder Park Raceway, making it one of the quickest street-driven V6 Commodores in Australia – if not the quickest! The engine is still the 4.2-litre stroker with a COME billet crankshaft, CP rods and Diamond pistons put together by Flowcraft Engines, but now has alloy heads and a larger Garrett GTX55 turbo. The Ecotec is backed by a two-speed Powerglide, though it retains the factory independent rear suspension set-up.

On the hub dyno, the car made a touch over 1000hp on around the 36psi mark, with Ben from D’Annello Performance tuning the Wolf V550 ECU – good enough to get the heavyweight VT into the eights!

The only V6 Commodore that we could think of that gets close to this is Craig Wright’s TERAFI twin-turbo VN, which was running high eights a couple of years ago – but not in street trim. George Voutsas’s twin-turbo HSV XU6 is also another quick Ecotec car that springs to mind, but the PB for that car sits at 9.15@147mph.