We chat to Sydney-based metal maestro Mark Natoli at the Hot Rod and Custom Auto Expo

Videographers: Byron Keane

SYDNEY-based metal maestro Mark Natoli has enjoyed a long and storied career. In between hand-forming unobtainable body parts for classic, vintage and custom cars, he has travelled the world creating completely bespoke cars for big-budget Hollywood films.

Mark Natoli's SYZGYMark has plied his trade on such internationally successful movies as The Great Gatsby and The Matrix, but you’re probably most familiar with his work on Mad Max: Fury Road. The wild rolling artworks that feature in the latest instalment of the Mad Max franchise are examples of Mark’s handiwork, and while he’s been able to let his creativity run wild on countless movie cars, he’s been quietly toiling away on a personal project in the background.

Interview – Mark Natoli, metal maestro on Mad Max: Fury Road

Mark Natoli's SYZGYHe has dubbed the car SYZYGY, which is a word that represents the amalgamation of three ‘celestial bodies’ – in this case a four-seater, a roadster and a coupe. SYZYGY is based off a 1948 Jaguar chassis and features a custom aluminium body, suicide doors and a tilt front, beneath which lies an L98 six-litre V8 and matching six-speed auto transmission.

Mark Natoli's SYZGYMark’s signature embossed flame jobs will feature throughout, and in the work-in-progress state in which it was presented at the Hot Rod and Custom Auto Expo at Rose Hill Racecourse, we spotted the treatment on the driver’s side headlight bezel and front fender.

Mark Natoli's SYZGYThe car will no doubt be a real piece of work once completed, and we’ll endeavour to keep you up to date with its progress. In the meantime, if you’d like to learn a thing or two about how Mark does what he does, check out some of the awesome instructional videos on his Youtube channel.