LS-powered FC Holden ratter at Powercruise Sydney – Video

Bligh and Jamie Endacott’s FC Holden might look like junk but underneath it's packing a brand new custom chassis and LS1 motor


BLIGH and Jamie Endacott’s FC Holden wagon may look like a junker, but over the past few months they’ve completely rebuilt the chassis and slotted an LS1 V8 under the bonnet with the aim of taking it to Powercruise for a bit of fun with the family. Last weekend they achieved that aim, skidding, racing and cruising the wheels off their home-built creation around Sydney Motorsports Park for Powercruise 71.

 Despite the patina look, the FC is a surprisingly well-engineered car. The original chassis was pretty far gone, due to the car’s age and it having sat dormant in several paddocks over the years, so Bligh cut out the factory floorpan, crafted up his own rails and stitched in a new floor.

 From there the pair fitted up an HR front end with Commodore disc brakes, and a BorgWarner rear end. Jamie had a wrecked LS1 VT Commodore, so they plucked the engine and trans out of that to drop into the FC, and Jamie also fabricated a custom set of extractors to make it fit in the bay.

 Bligh and Jamie have no desire to tidy up the outside to match underneath; in fact they wish it would rain so the moss would keep growing on the roof!