Inside Rides By Kam’s ‘Havoc’ 1970 Dodge Challenger build – Video

We chat to Rob Zahabi from Rides by Kam about the Kam Nova and his current Dodge Challenger build


OVER the years Queensland’s Rides By Kam, run by Rob Zahabi and his family, has churned out some incredible builds that have gone on to conquer the US scene at events like SEMA and the Goodguys Ohio show. You may remember Rides By Kam’s Kamaro, a bright yellow, blown ’69 Camaro that scored a Top 15 gong at SEMA 2012 and graced the cover of Street Machine back in September 2010.

 The team followed up that big build with an all-black pro touring Chevy Nova powered by a twin-ProCharged 572ci big-block Chev. The car featured a whole host of body mods, a killer suspension and brake package, and totally custom interior.

 However, the twin-ProCharged set-up caused a lot of headaches when it came to finding room for both a radiator and intercooler large enough to handle the motor’s massive horsepower potential. The guys at PWR accepted the challenge and came on board with a custom intercooler and radiator combo that saw the murdered-out Nova making around 1500hp in its completed guise.

 Once again the car featured on the cover of Street Machine (Nov ’14) and went over to the States for SEMA where it blew the Yanks’ minds! From there it went to the Goodguys Street Machine Of The Year show, scoring a Top 20 placing. Rob eventually sold the car in 2016 as part of a Barrett-Jackson auction in America.

 Since then, Rob has been working on his next big project: Havoc, a 1970 ProCharged big-block Hemi-powered Dodge Challenger. This build is going to be just as wild as Rob’s previous cars, and features a heap of custom body mods, from the smoothed sheet metal to the custom chassis and big wheel tubs front and back.

 Like Rob’s previous builds, Havoc will be powered by a pretty special motor; this time it’s a 572ci big-block Hemi with a monster crank-driven F3 ProCharger, tucked away under a custom sheet-metal engine cover that extends from the front grille. Once again the people from PWR will be providing a unique cooling set-up to ensure the monster donk makes the grunt Rob and the guys at Rides By Kam expect.

Currently the car is in primer and ready for its first coats of PPG paint that will be laid on at CAD Custom in Melbourne. The colour is being kept secret for the car’s big reveal, so we’ll just have to wait and see what the boys come up with.