HT Monaro on a Nissan Patrol chassis – Video

Shane Tapscott's HT Monaro four-wheel drive looks like something from a Mad Max set


THIS is probably going to upset some people. Shane Tapscott turned a Nissan GQ Patrol and HT Holden Monaro into one crazy unique off-road machine that’s bound to make the purist’s blood boil. While it looks like something that belongs on the set of a Mad Max movie, Shane’s creation is fully engineered and registered in NSW, and sees a fair bit of street use and as you’ll see in the video – it cops plenty of off road abuse.

 Underneath the Monaro shell, the whole deal is Nissan GQ Patrol, including the full chassis and driveline. However the original motor was swapped out for an injected Holden V8 from a VN Commodore. The Monaro body is something that Shane had laying around since the early 2000s and once he decided he wanted to build a four-wheel drive Monaro he knew that would be the donor car.

 Purists might cringe at the idea of cutting up an old Monaro for a project like this, but Shane wasn’t too bothered after he discovered the car had been tee-boned at both sides at some point in its life. So it was a far from ‘straight’ example and the front was pretty crooked to start off with. “I looked at it as giving a new life to a car that should have gone to the wrecking yard,” said Shane.

Check out the video from the guys at Nulon to hear Shane’s story.