Up close with Leigh Haintz's stunning blown Holden HG Monaro streeter


LEIGH Haintz has recently finished a full rebuild of his gorgeous ’70 HG Holden Monaro, and it’s one of the cleanest in the business. Running a 408-cube small-block Chev with an 8/71 blower and electronic fuel injection system, the unit sits nice and low in the car, with just the injection hat poking through the bonnet. That was one of the main reasons Leigh didn’t go with another carby set-up; he wanted a low, sleek look, and combined with the sharp silver paint finish, perfect panel work and tough stance, that’s exactly what he got.

The small-block makes around 1000hp and sends it to the rear hoops through a TH400 gearbox with a 4000rpm converter and nine-inch rear end. As you’d imagine, it shoves the old Monaro along with ease and has no trouble blowing the tyres off the back. It sounds the business too, with a tough cam and plenty of whine from the blower.

We caught up with Leigh to have a chat about the Monaro earlier this week; check out the video to see how it went down.