Georgio Lafazanis’s R/T Charger has been everything from 70s factory muscle car to madly modified 80s custom


IT might looking like a mildy-modified R/T Valiant Charger, but Georgio Lafazanis’s Magenta Mopar has lived one hell of a life.

His dad, Nick, acquired the car when he was just 18 and the car nearly-new. It was already a bit of a hottie, but Nick soon tricked it up as a full-tilt 70s street machine, with an Arcadipane Concorde front, Daytona-style wing and wild velour trim.

Years later, George got his hands on the car and restored it to back what it is today, complete with quite a tough 265 Hemi six under the bonnet. Check out the video to hear it in action and grab the August issue of SM for the full history on this amazing survivor.

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