Spinning up a 660hp blown Holden 355 on the engine dyno at Powerhouse Engines


IN a world where LS engines seem to rule supreme, it is refreshing to see that there are still plenty of cool Holden-based projects in the works. Check out this very streetable pump fuel 660hp combo from Powerhouse Engines.

Johnny at Powerhouse rang us just before Christmas to see if we could film this engine on the dyno. Unfortunately we were flat stick in the lead up to the holidays and Summernats 30 so Johnny filmed it himself and sent us the footage. Here’s the result.

Built for Bud Blandford the 355ci Holden stroker runs ported cast iron VN EFI-style heads and a Yella Terra/Whipple 2.4L supercharger. Inside factory VT roller block there’s a COME cast crank, Callies Compstar rods, Mahle forged pistons and a baby hydraulic roller. The owner wanted the whole thing to run on 98-octane pump fuel so they sacrificed a couple horsepower and left the E85 alone. Johnny reckons that sugar cane juice would have the combo pushing over 700 horses. Hanging off the front of the Holden V8 is a locally made Reid Speed serpentine pulley kit that incorporates the blower drive. Daniel from Reid Speed made a limited number of these ‘blower drive’ kits after a few customers requested.

On the dyno with Haltech Elite engine management Johnny spun the little Holden screamer to 6700rpm where it made 663hp, producing 567lb-ft of torque at just 4000rpm. That is plenty of grunt for the HQ Holden Premier this package is destined for. With that kind of power and low down torque it’s going to be one seriously fun street and strip combo, and it sounds awesome to boot. We’re looking forward to seeing the finished item.