Molinari Race Engines's aspo 383-cube Holden motor makes close to 700hp on the dyno


TOUGH naturally aspirated V8s have a special place in the Street Machine scene. We see plenty of big horsepower boosted combos but making power without the benefit of superchargers, turbos or nitrous takes a lot of effort; especially when you start looking at over 1.5hp per cubic inch.

When it comes to big horsepower naturally aspirated Holden V8s it becomes a very small field indeed. Walking around the Holden Nationals earlier in the year there was probably only a handful of Aussie bent eights making over 600hp, and this engine was one of them. Usually this motor sits between the rails of Dom D’Agostino’s nine-second LX hatchback. The car has gone 9.79@137mph and the some engine had been in the car for eight years.

Angelo from Molinari Race Engines has given the 383ci stroker a freshen up which has seen the power climb to almost 700hp. It’s the same basic combo with a COME crank, Oliver Rods and CP pistons, but they’ve added a little more compression, given it a better camshaft and ported the Yella Terra -9 heads and the Harrop intake out to the maximum. Now the engine is making 693hp at 7800rpm with just over 500lb-ft of torque on the dyno at Adicted Performance; that’s 1.8hp/ci!

The next step is to plug the tough combo back into Dom’s Torana and see what it does at the track. The guys are hoping to carve a couple tenths of the quarter mile time and gets the ET’s down under the 9.50 mark. In the meantime check out this interview with Angelo.