Toothy’s 9000rpm HQ One-Tonner On The Dyno – Video

Martin Tooth's LSX-blocked monster put through its paces on a Mainline hub dyno


WHEN we last caught up with Martin “Toothy” Tooth, his absolute screamer of a blown LS engine was being put through its paces on the Westend Performance engine dyno, turning to north of 9000rpm.

Holden HQ One-tonnerNow the LSX-blocked monster mill is fitted up to his stunning HQ One-Tonner, TOOTHY, and we called in to watch as Mitch Smith from Haltech configured the electronics and tuned the car on a Mainline hub dyno.

Holden HQ one-tonnerThis combo was never about setting the world on fire in the outright horsepower stakes, but countless pulls at well over 700hp at the hubs is certainly nothing to sneeze at.

What’s truly impressive is how effortlessly the engine achieves bulk revs, which was central to Toothy’s brief to Sam at Westend.

Holden HQ One-tonner dashThe combo is unique in many ways, so Toothy has had to overcome his fair share of hurdles to get the car ironed out. But, we’re happy to report that shortly after this video was shot, the car hit the burnout pad at Mount Panorama and banged tyres with aplomb.

Holden HQ OnetonnerListening to this thing turn to 9000rpm is an aural delight, so crank up your speakers and enjoy!