1350hp twin-turbo LS-powered HQ on the dyno – Video

Greg South's twin-turbo HQ Holden makes over 1000kW at Summernats Horsepower Heroes


A COUPLE of years ago we saw Greg South’s twin-turbo HQ Kingswood sedan on the dyno at Street Machine Summernats 30. That year, 750rwhp was enough to secure second place in the Horsepower Heroes dyno comp. This year the dyno game was stepped up big time, and 750rwhp wouldn’t have been anywhere near enough to score a placing. Fortunately Greg stepped things up with his HQ too.

 The stunning Kingswood packs a 427ci LSX block with a Callies crank and rods with Arias pistons. Twin Precision turbos feed a gorgeous Ozmo intake manifold and the whole combo cranks out 1000rwhp on low boost though a TH400 ‘box. But Horsepower Heroes wasn’t a place for low boost settings this year.

 Wound up to 27psi on the Mainline hub dyno at Summernats 32 Haltech Horsepower Heroes, the HQ made more snot than it ever has before, laying down 1350hp at the hubs – or a hair over 1000kW. Greg had his tuner playing with the Haltech Elite 2500 ECU remotely and dialled in a bit more power after the first 1350hp run, but a split silicon hose somewhere in the system created a boost leak and they just couldn’t make any more power.

1350hp was still good enough for third place overall, behind Brendan Cherry’s 1469hp big-block VL and Bubba’s 2483hp Holden-powered VH Commodore!