Blown Chrysler 300 SRT comes off the dyno at Chryslers On The Murray

Videographers: Shaun Tanner

WHEN you start making a lot of horsepower, dyno runs can become a bit tricky. Will it spin the tyres, can the dyno handle that much grunt, will the car come off the dyno and plough into a crowd of people? Well, at Chryslers On The Murray this year, the last one very nearly happened when Daniel Buchanan’s late-model Chrysler 300C SRT8 had its turn on the rollers.

The car is powered by a new-gen 426-cube Hemi V8 with a big YellaTerra blower on top. It’s a serious bit of gear, putting out close to 800hp at the treads – provided it doesn’t decide to launch itself off the end of the dyno!

On the first power run the blown 300C snapped one of the straps that was holding it on the rollers and drove off the end of the dyno. Fortunately it didn’t get too far or damage the car or any people.

It wasn’t anyone’s fault, the car was strapped down correctly, it’s just one of those things that can happen when you’re making a lot of horsepower. We’re just glad no one was injured. We reckon the dyno operator might’ve needed a new pair of jocks before ramping up the 300C again though.

The car ended up making a peak figure of 771.5rwhp, which was enough to claim the win in the New Hemi and Overall dyno classes at Chryslers On The Murray this year.