Tech day at Hot Rod Drag Week is the calm before the storm

Photographers: Luke Nieuwhof

TECH day at Hot Rod Drag Week is the calm before the storm, though it’s only really calm relative to the five days of out-and-out mayhem that lie ahead. Spanners fly in the pits as competitors make last-minute changes to their cars, or in some cases finish builds that have been in progress for years, with today being the deadline.

Almost 400 street cars of nearly every conceivable make and model prepare to attack the weeklong torture test; everything from mildly modified grocery-getters to tube-chassised, composite-bodied, twin-turbo big-block Pro Mods with numberplates.

In amongst the Jeff Lutzs and Tom Baileys of the world are no fewer than seven Aussie teams vying for Drag Week glory, and we have a team of Street Machine staff on the ground in the US ready to convey all the action to you as it happens.

Stay tuned to the SM website and social channels in the coming days, but for now, check out the sights and sounds of Drag Week tech day in this neat video.