Joey Bridge races this killer twin-turbo Mod motor-powered 2000 Ford Mustang

Videographers: Steve Kelly

JOEY Bridge has been racing this 2000 Ford Mustang for around eleven years now, both here and in America where he and his dad built the car. The car runs a 4.6-litre Ford Modular engine, twin turbos with water-to-air intercooling, Powerglide transmission, standard wheel tubs and 275 drag radials.

Joey was born here in Australia where his old man was big in the Surfers Paradise street racing scene. Then as a youngster they moved to America where Joey spent most of his childhood and later got into racing with this Mustang around 2005. In 2008 he moved back out here with his wife and dad, bringing the Mustang with him. With the car in Australia, Joey switched to a twin turbo setup with 67mm Precision puffers. The quickest the car has been in Australia down the eighth mile is a 4.86 @ 153mph.

Joey’s dad still gets out to race meets and looks after everything from fabrication to the engine and gearbox maintenance with the help of his son. Check out the video as Joey talks us through the car and his unique engine combo.