Seven-second turbo XY Falcon streeter – Video

1400hp single turbo small-block Ford-powered XY Falcon runs it's first seven-second pass


WHEN it comes to XY Falcons, few are as quick, as nicely detailed and finished, or as regularly street driven as Bobi Mircevski’s car. Having recently run its first seven-second pass at Grudge Kings a couple of weekends ago, it’s now one in a handful of genuinely street-driven seven-second cars in Melbourne and Bobi legitimately drives the thing everywhere.

 The car was built by Frank and the boys at Dandy Engines and packs a 427ci small-block Ford Windsor similar to what’s in Frank’s own XW Falcon. However, where Frank’s motor wears twin Precision turbos, Bobi’s features one massive 91mm Precision puffer. It runs on a combination of pump and E85 fuel with a flex fuel system, and the whole setup is controlled through a FuelTech ECU.

 The motor is backed up by a two-speed Powerglide which sends drive to a nine-inch rear end still running leaf springs and a radial tyre – as is the case with Frank’s car and Steve Bezzina’s similarly spec’d XW. All up on the dyno she made a fairly substantial 1390rwhp – plenty for a seven-second pass when it can put the power down.

 Bobi has been racing the car for a few months now and actually went a really impressive 8.80-second PB on his first outing with the car, driving to and from Calder Park. Bobi has been chipping away at it since and came up to Sydney for Grudge Kings a couple of weekends ago with the Dandy Engines boys keen to run a number.

 After a few test hits and early shut offs, Bobi eventually went through the beams for his first seven – a 7.84 @ 175mph in full street trim on 275 radials.

The speed factor is just half the equation with Bobi’s car though; it’s a genuine show quality build with a stunning custom interior, immaculate engine bay and beautiful black bodywork. It’s probably one of the nicest seven-second street cars in the country.