Quentin Feast Torana runs mid-sevens and hits wall in Grudge Kings testing

A look at Grudge Kings testing and a massive gallery

Photographers: Will Horner

PO Tung’s Grudge Kings event kicks off today at Sydney Dragway and bad-arse pro street and radial racers have turned out in droves, including a good handful of Street Machine Drag Challenge veterans.

In number one spot so far among the Drag Challenge crew – so far – is Quentin Feast and his twin-turbo Torana. Q came out for a day of testing yesterday and ran a PB on his very first pass, to the tune of 7.725-seconds at 179mph.

On the very next pass, the car ran 7.67s-seconds. A cross-wind caught the Torana’s parachute and the car clipped the wall. The boys gave the Torana a quick tidy-up and came back out to run a 7.584-second pass at 182mph.

And today? Quentin ran a 7.529 at 184mph in the first qualifier.

Other strong performances in qualifying included a 3.84-second eighth-mile pass at 182mph by Perry Bullivant in the 481X-powered Snickers Camaro.

And Geelong lad Tim Holmyard cracked the seven-second zone for the first time in his crazy VX SS Commodore. Tim does things differently from most, running a nitrous LS combination with an IRS rear end!