Grudge Kings 2018, the class cars and heads-up races – Video

While the buzz was focused around the 32 car, $50,000 Grudge Kings shootout, there were plenty of other cool cars running quick times

Photographers: Tim McCormack, Michelle Porobic

GRUDGE Kings at Sydney Dragway last weekend was a massive event. On the Friday there was a private test day which saw some of the fastest cars in the 32 car, $50,000 shootout get some practice laps in before the main event on Saturday. During that day we saw Perry Bullivant run a 3.8-second eighth-mile and Steve Bezzina come close to a six-second quarter with his new ProLine powerplant in his XW Falcon.

Check out the $50,000 Grudge Kings race here

Our three-time Drag Challenge-winner Quentin Feast was also on deck and ran a string of mid seven-second passes, including a 7.52. So while most of the buzz was around the 32 crazy Pro Street cars, there was plenty of other interesting cars in the DYO, small tyre and race classes, particularly on Saturday.

Jet Martin wins Grudge Kings $50k final

On Saturday Mark Drew came out and ran a 7.75 in his Crusty Drag Challenge conquering Torana, Danko Knezevic got out his 1700hp Capri street car hoping for sevens, and Tim Holmyard ran a seven in his nitrous LS-powered independent rear suspension VX SS Commodore.

We were also really impressed by Matt Sims’s single cam RB30-powered VL Commodore street car which went 7.78 @ 176mph. Maria Passos also ran an 8.25 @ 171mph in her Dyno-Mite XR6 Turbo, cementing its title as Australia’s quickest XR6 Turbo street car.

After the Grudge Kings knockout rounds, the drivers could elect to give another competitor a run down the quarter-mile for a ‘Grudge Race’ so we saw a couple of other really close side-by-side six-second passes. Check out the video to see our highlights from the day. To see the full Grudge Kings 32, $50,000 race click here.