Grudge Kings 2018, the race for $50,000 – Video

Some of the toughest Pro Street cars in the country go head to head for a chance at $50,000 prize money

Photographers: Michelle Bright

BIG dollar heads up drag races are huge over in America, where the payouts can be upwards of $200,000 but here in Australia it’s pretty rare to see big payouts for a single drag racing event. However, this year Grudge Kings brought the big dollars, putting $50,000 up for grabs for who ever could go five rounds in a row without losing a race against the fastest Pro Street cars in the country. The rules for entry were pretty simple; if you had swinging doors and a factory steel roof and rear quarters you could pay the $1000 buy in and enter.

All up 32 cars entered, although a small handful didn’t compete on the day due to breakages or other circumstances. The field included Perry Bullivant in his twin-turbo ProLine Camaro on slick tyres instead of radials for the first time, Jeremy Martin in his ProLine VB Commodore, Jeremy Callaghan in his ProLine Camaro and Steve Bezzina in his ProLine-powered XW Falcon. With around ten cars all running 481X engines, Grudge Kings had to have had the highest concentration of ProLine power anywhere in the country. Jamie Miller from ProLine even came down from the states for the event to help out Bezzina, Callaghan and Dom Luppino with their boost management.

There were also cars at the event which weren’t ProLine-powered like Andrew Micallef’s twin-turbo Hemi-powered LJ Torana and his mate Jarrod Wood’s twin-turbo big-block Mustang. There were a few tough nitrous cars on deck too, such as Mark Hayes’s 763ci LC Torana and David Hellyer in his 632ci Torana. Craig Hewitt and Danny Makdessi brought a couple of bad arse blown cars too and there was even six and rotary-powered racers so there was a great variety of different cars racing each other, and plenty of close battles. Check out the video to see how it went down.