Danko's own twin-turbo small-block Ford making bulk power on the dyno before it gets dropped into his street Capri


DANKO Knezevic from Adicted Performance in Hallam, Vic, spends his days building high horsepower street, strip and burnout engines for all of his customers to play with. So it’s taken the best part of fifteen years to come up with a new combination for his Ford Capri streeter. Back in the day it ran 10.60 with a 4v Cleveland; this new deal is quite a step up.

 Danko has built up a Dart Windsor block measuring 434ci and stuffed with a Callies crank, GRP rods and custom Diamond pistons. Hanging off that are two 70mm Precision turbos with 60mm Turbosmart ‘gates, Raceport blow off valves, and water to air intercooler, all plumbed up by Dean G fabrications.

 The whole thing is controlled by the new Haltech Elite 2500T ECU with torque management – almost a form of traction control -, and it runs on either E85 or straight 98 octane pump fuel. On E85, running around the 20psi mark, she made just shy of 1700hp on the engine dyno which should be enough to see the lightweight Capri well into the seven-second quarter-mile zone. And Danko can still wind more boost into it.

The coolest part is, this is going to be a street car, which Danko fully intends to cruise with the family. Check out the engine on the dyno; it’s an angry thing!