Andrew Strickland’s 242GT Volvo LOLVO at Racewars – video

One of my favourite cars at Motul Racewars this year was Andrew Strickland’s 242GT Volvo


JUST a glance at the number plate, LOLVO, and you know this bloke’s just out there having fun and taking the piss just a little bit. I’d actually met Andrew at the 2017 event, but that was a short-lived experience for him with the junkyard LS only lasting 200m before throwing a leg out of bed. That instigated a fairly major mechanical upgrade, which, due to a relocation to Adelaide, was carried out with the help of Chris Milton Engine Developments and Morpowa Auto & Dyno Centre.

It’s pretty obvious where Andrew spent his coin, because it sure-as-shit wasn’t on the body and paint! But that’s part of the plan – beat some big dollar supercars with a car that looks like an old junker. With a cast-iron 5.3-litre LS, Edelbrock heads and S480 turbo hanging off the side, the old brick makes well over 800hp at the tyres! That was good enough to net a tyre-spinning 279km/h over 800m, but a small issue arose and the mighty LOLVO was unable to make a full 1000m pass – but we’ll let you watch the video to see what put an end to proceedings.