Racewars 2019 – gallery

Triumph - including a 351km/h top speed - and tragedy marked the 2019 Racewars in Albany, WA

Photographers: Boris Viskovic, Jordan Leist

IN EARLY March, Albany in Western Australia once again welcomed the fastest cars in the land for Racewars 2019. It was the third time the picturesque coastal town had hosted the event, with a weekend of 400m and 800m rolling-start races and a 1000m standing-start VMax event on Albany Airport’s 1.8km runway, as well as a hillclimb sprint on the Monday public holiday.

Racewars 2019Always looking to improve the event, the organisers made a few changes to the schedule this year, relocating the Monday hillclimb from an industrial estate on Albany’s outskirts to Middleton Beach, a beautiful spot not far from the centre of town.

Racewars 2019With last year’s champion Eddy Tassone sporting a new engine combo in his 2005 HSV GTO – a billet Noonan block punched out to 454 cubes with water-jacketed Energy billet heads and a pair of 88mm Pro Mod Precision turbos, with a proven 2371hp at the hubs – he was a pretty good chance to keep that #1 sticker. But there was some pretty serious competition in town – local and interstate – so he was going to have to pull something special out of the bag.

Racewars 2019After a mad thrash to get the car done in time, Racewars was the first chance Tassone had to drive the car. The first pass was always going to be a tightrope walk between boost, power and traction, and this time, traction lost. After some adjustments to the boost timing, Tassone made another pass and set a speed of 323.06km/h over 800m. A few years back, that would have easily won the event. With the potential to add another 15-20km/h to that number over 1000m, it was pretty clear the old mark was going to be smashed.

The holy grail for most Racewars competitors is to join the 300 Club, and as a clear indication of how much performance has improved since the very first event in 2013 – where the top speed was 275km/h – there were nine cars this year that topped 300km/h over 800m! Sunday’s 1000m event was shaping up to be pretty epic.

Racewars 2019Last year’s third-fastest competitor, Jose Jardim, had stepped up his Supra considerably and had been running very strong over the quarter-mile, but the big news was that the Willall Racing team was in town with its all-conquering R35 GT-R. It was already the fastest car over 1000m in Australia – albeit by just 1.5km/h over Tassone – but what could it do at sea level? Last year’s speeds were no doubt affected by a stiff headwind, but this year the 1000m VMax event was scheduled for first thing Sunday morning, with light winds and cool temperatures forecast.

Did it make a difference? Abso-bloody-lutely! The first car out was Jose’s Supra, and right off the bat he bettered last year’s speed, setting a new national record at over 335km/h, before backing it up with a 338.54km/h run. Unfortunately, that run ended in disaster when the parachute didn’t deploy and the car went backwards into a culvert at the end of the runway. It was a sad end to the event for Jose, who was sent off to hospital while his twisted car was hauled onto a flatbed. He has been a part of Racewars since its inception and has always put on an impressive show.

Falcon at RacewarsTo add further insult to injury for Jose, the Willall Racing GT-R demolished the national 1000m record with a 351.43km/h blast. What was truly amazing about watching this run was how easily the car appeared to do it – no squirming or squirrelly behaviour; it was like it was on rails. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see the Willall car do a run with the supercomputer set to ‘full send’, which would have utilised the launch control and shifted at 8500rpm – as opposed to the soft launch and 7000rpm shifts on the previous run. If all the planets had’ve aligned, we may have seen speeds around 380km/h and an ET deep into the 13s!

Unfortunately, the event was marred by another incident on Sunday, where a driver had to be airlifted to hospital after the Mustang he was driving went off the end of the airstrip, rolled several hundred metres and burst into flames. Sadly, he passed away in hospital the next day.

This tragic incident put an end to the racing for Sunday, and although the hillclimb event at Middleton Beach still went ahead on Monday, there was definitely a pall over proceedings.

Racewars 2019While not all of the airport competitors raced the hillclimb – and vice-versa – there was a fair bit of crossover, and none did it better than Simon Richards and his R32 Skyline. It sure is a test of a car’s versatility if you can race it flat-out in a straight line one day, then with perhaps nothing more than a tyre change, thrash it around some corners the very next day. Simon not only placed second in the hillclimb – by just 0.04sec – he also finished 15th overall in the 1000m VMax event, with a speed of 293.75km/h, and to top it all off, he drove the car to Albany from Perth – about a five-hour drive – with his race tyres in the back seat!

Racewars 2019It was hard to ignore the chatter around town that surely this would be the last Racewars event following the terrible occurrence at the airport, but the Albany community and the Racewars organisers are committed to putting on the best top-speed event in the country, so we can only hope this isn’t the end.

Racewars 2019RESULTS


1Willall Racing2011 Nissan GTR351.4316.521
2Jose Jardim1995 Toyota Supra338.5419.395
3David Christie2002 Holden Commodore324.7618.998
4Brendon Grieves2011 BMW M3324.3118.899
5Ken Christie2000 Holden Commodore321.4319.108
6Kris Tuci1997 Toyota Supra314.4820.405
7Anthony Knight1978 Mazda RX-7314.0719.156
8Robert Harvey2008 Ford Falcon313.2919.327
9Josh Iacob2009 FPV F6311.1920.032
10Ben Tuck2006 Holden Monaro307.52307.52


1Matt WallaceNissan R32 GTR01:32.7
2Simon Richards Nissan R32 GTR01:32.7

Volvo at RacewarsAndrew Strickland had a very busy year after lunching his engine at last year’s event in his internet-sensation Volvo, ‘LOLVO’. As well as sorting out the mill, Andrew got busy slotting a four-link and massive rubber under the rear. He improved his speeds by over 10km/h to 292.12km/h and would have definitely been knocking on the door of the 300 Club if he had more runs

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Toyota SupraJose Jardim on his way to setting a new Aussie record, although he would only hold it a few minutes before it was snatched away from him

Ford EscortGlen Badger from Badger Motorsports brought along a couple of his cars: a tyre-frying XW Falcon and a nippy little Mk2 Escort

BMW M3 engine bayThe wildest car for sure was Brendon Grieves’s BMW M3 (above), although there’s not much BMW left. A twin-turbo LS saw the drift-spec machine stay in a straight line long enough to punch out 324.31km/h for fourth outright. A pretty amazing effort for a first time out with a new car

HSV Maloo at RacewarsWarrick Pike and his crowd-favourite BACKDRAFT HSV Maloo came agonisingly close to finally hitting Wazza’s goal of 300km/h. After hitting the wall at the drag strip during the week, the car was back together and racing in memory of Warrick’s mate. He fell just shy of his target, clocking 299.93km/h!

Nissan Silvia at RacewarsAdam Monck couldn’t quite crack the magic 300 mark in his twin-turbo LS Nissan Silvia, getting achingly close with a 297.63km/h run. That didn’t stop him doing what he does best on the hillclimb course

Holden EK ute at RacewarsUsually Mark Grose rocks up to Racewars in his HT Monaro, but he’s been playing with this EK ute a fair bit lately. It sports the ‘good’ motor out of his Monaro, a 434-cuber with a healthy dose of spray. The old girl impressed on the 400 and 800m events, topping out at 260.56km/h, which would be 162mph if the speedo went that high! “The car was maxed out at the 600m mark on the limiter at 7300rpm, even with the 315/60/15 tyre on the back,” Mark said

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VG Valiant at RacewarsJaydin Rebrovic has had quite a few engine combos in his VG Valiant, with the latest being a 6.4L SRT Hemi. Because that’s not enough, he’s put on a BW S475 turbo, ported the heads and slotted in a cam, and controls it all with a MegaSquirt ECU. It’s mostly set up as a pro tourer, but the car went 10.96 with a Vortech-blown 265, so this new combo should see it well into the 9s

VL Commodore at RacewarsLast year Jarred Dowdell had some issues keeping all of the boost in his VL Commodore’s RB30, so this year he fixed it with an LSA crate motor boosted with a Garrett 88/91 and tuned by Streetbuilt to punch out 1070hp at the tyres – 300hp more than last year when he ran 270km/h. This year he didn’t get a run in the 1000m event, but still managed 261km/h over 800m

Rene Tassone at RacewarsRene Tassone on her way to becoming the fastest female in Australia. Although she didn’t quite make the 300 Club, she came mighty close with a 291.18km/h run

Ford Falcon at RacewarsRob Harvey from Monsta Torque once again flew the Fast Ford flag and proved the Barra six is a world-class performance package. Built in just eight days, the Falcon finished eighth overall with a 313.29km/h run, giving the team a 300 Club berth

open wheeler at RacewarsIt’s pretty clear these guys are out to have fun. Adam Farmer and Harry Liva of Team Tuba built this open-wheeled terror as a bit of a pisstake. It’s got a 3.0L Camry 1MZ with individual throttlebodies off a GSXR750

Ford Falcon at RacewarsThe neat XB GT of Walter Naylor sports a 408 Clevo and managed a best of 218.8km/h over the 800m course

Ford Escort at RacewarsMy favourite car at the event was Roger Smith’s Mk1 Escort (above), which might seem like an odd choice until you get a bit closer and check out all the work that has gone into it.

Most people would be happy with a turbo 2.0L Cosworth twin-cam, but what’s the point of all that power if you can’t get it to the ground? Roger’s a pretty clever bloke and has created his own adjustable AWD system using a Nissan Stagea auto and transfer case, a Sierra Cosworth front diff and a narrowed Borgy out of an EL Falcon. With 360hp on tap, it makes for a pretty fun ride.