Dean Patterson’s naturally aspirated, Windsor-powered ZC Fairlane was built to kill tyres and look great doing it

Videographers: Mitch Payne

POPULAR opinion states that you must be blown to be known in the burnout scene, but Dean Patterson is bucking the trend and forging a solid reputation for killer skids with his staunch, all-motor ZC Fairlane, TYRH8R.

ZC Fairlane burnoutIt’s a big, heavy, sinister-looking car, powered by screaming Powerhouse-built, dry-sumped 370ci Windsor, running on methanol. What the car may lack in terms of blower whine it more than makes up for with sky-high revs. Dean routinely buzzes the thing to 8500rpm, and when he does it sounds utterly insane.

Dean Paterson's ZC FairlaneThe remainder of the driveline consists of a full-house C4 auto with a 6000rpm stall converter, and a Bosnjak-built 35-spline nine-inch rear end. It still rides on leaf springs in the rear, and while Dean suggests that it’s a fairly basic set-up compared to some other skid cars doing the rounds, there’s no disputing the fact that it works.

ZC Fairlane engineDean gave TYRH8R the berries for two days straight at Bathurst Autofest, then happily drove the car onto the trailer for the short tow home to Mudgee. But before he left, he stopped by the presentation area to collect the winner’s trophy for the naturally aspirated V8 class in the burnout comp.

ZC Fairlane frontWe all know how much burnout judges love to hear bulk rpm, and that’s a box Dean ticks for them every single time he rolls TYRH8R out onto the pad. Want proof? Check out the video!