Daniel Souvleris gave his blown, 572ci big block-powered HJ ute KRANKI the berries at Powercruise 66

Videographers: Byron Keane

WHEN we plastered Daniel Souvleris’s HJ ute KRANKI across the cover of our September 2013 issue, the thing was utterly impeccable. We’re talking Summernats Top 20, mirrors-on-the-ground stuff. But even back then, Daniel swore blind that when the time was right, he wouldn’t shy away from giving the car a hard time.

Holden HJ ute at PowercruiseTrue to his word, he leant on it hard at Powercruise 66, but those who remember the car from when it first appeared on the scene will notice that it’s had a bit of a change of identity in the years since.

Holden HJ ute at PowercruiseThe 540ci big-block the car had at first was good for 860hp naturally aspirated on pump fuel, and with C16 in the tank and the nitrous armed, 1200hp was there to be had. But that motor was a pussycat compared to the current ProFlo Performance-built piece. Cubes are up to 572ci, and it’s topped with a 14/71 Littlefield blower and a hat. With a methanol-only diet, it’s good for a whopping 1770hp on 28psi of boost.

Holden HJ ute at PowercruiseThe 22in polished billet wheels are also long gone, replaced by a much more purposeful set of 15in Billet Specialties items, and Daniel has ceased to concern himself with trivial things like how fastidiously tidy the undercarriage is. These days, it’s all about enjoying the car at events.

Daniel Souvleris's Holden HJ ute KRANKIWe were lucky enough to ride shotgun in KRANKI for a couple of laps during a cruise session at Powercruise, and were blown away by its ability to simultaneously torch the tyres and nail you to the seat.

Check out the video to see just how much fun 1700-plus horsepower can be on a race track!