850rwhp turbo LS-powered HZ Holden sleeper gets ready to blow minds at Drag Challenge 2016


WE love a good sleeper. There’s just something cool about grabbing an old stocker and filling it full of horsepower that appeals to us.

Jesse Boothroyd is obviously a fan as well. He bought this weather beaten old HZ Kingswood from a mate with the intention of building a tough streeter that could do fast street car events like Drag Challenge. That meant, not only did it have to have more power than the HSV parking lot, it needed to be streetable as well.

Starting with a cast iron block the engine was filled with all the good gear before being attached to a massive GT47 turbo. Jesse did a lot of the fabrication himself, with a bit of help from his dad and a few mates. Then he dropped it off to the guys at MPW Performance for sorting and tuning.

It’s certainly got some grunt, the old HZ made 851.5hp at the treads, which should be enough to push the late 70s family hack into the high eights. It’s going to be one hell of a ride. Jesse has already entered the car in the Haltech Radial Blown class for Drag Challenge in late-October, and they plan to get the car out to the track for some test passes soon.