Cleetus McFarland commandeers Warbird and KILLA B

The American internet dynamo gets his hands on Aussie big-block power


IF YOU’RE somehow unfamiliar with Cleetus McFarland, you’re missing one of the most enjoyable automotive spectacles that YouTube has to offer.

Cleetus and his team spend their days building, racing and breaking a fine selection of metal at a once-abandoned Florida race track now dubbed ‘The Freedom Factory’.

To mark the proud redneck’s fourth visit to the Street Machine Summernats earlier this year, Cleetus brought his equally patriotic Camaro, TOAST, Down Under for a tilt on the burnout pad. Between spitting huge flames, kissing walls and swapping engines, he found kindred spirits in Steve Nogas and The Rod Shop’s Marc Waddington, owners of the KILLA B Camaro and WARBIRD XP Falcon burnout cars respectively.

In March, both cars (and plenty of spares) were shipped off to the US to challenge Cleetus on his home turf. Unfortunately for Marc and Steve, their plans for an American sojourn couldn’t have come at a worse time, with COVID-19 restrictions shutting down international travel. This left WARBIRD and KILLA B high and dry in a foreign country without drivers.

Unwilling to let two wild big-block machines just sit idle, Cleetus instead chose to let these insane rides do what they do best.

After some preliminary fluid and oil checks, Cleetus and his mates fired up both KILLA B and WARBIRD for the first time in months to prepare for some tyre-frying shenanigans.

There’s sure to be plenty of action in store for these cars, so keep an eye on both Cleetus’s and The Rod Shop’s YouTube channels for more!

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