Missouri drag racer Jon Stouffer showed Arby around his awesome shed stuffed full of classic Mopars

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IF THERE is such a thing as Mopar heaven, Mark Arblaster – currently road-tripping the USA in his POR440 Valiant – was in it. Missouri’s Jon Stouffer opened up his private collection of Mopars for an exclusive look for Arby and Street Machine readers.

Inside his shed is a treasure trove of Hemis, Challengers, Road Runners and an extremely rare manual Hemi Dodge Charger Daytona – one of only three in existence. Jon estimates the worth of the car at US$2 million. Such a precious vehicle does come with a downside: Jon has only driven it once, to a nearby car park to meet a trailer that would take it to a concours competition.

Stouffer, who drag races a very neat Pro Mod ’Cuda in competition around the USA, is a Mopar fan through and through, though he also has a collection of Corvettes and Trans Ams in a separate shed, too.