Video: Inside the final days of Holden production

Glenn Torrens visits Holden's Elizabeth factory to see some of the very last Commodores roll off the line

Photographers: Thomas Wielecki

Today marks the five years since the last locally-produced Holden rolled off the production line at the Elizabeth plant in South Australia.

It not only marked the end of 69 years of toil and enterprise, during which time more than 7.6 million home-grown Holdens were built, but it also signalled the end of large-scale vehicle manufacturing in this country as well.

To mark the occasion, we sent senior Street Machine scribe and life-long Holden fanatic Glenn Torrens to film a video as one of the final Commodores went down the line.

We’re still bruised by GM’s decision to pull out of Aussie manufacturing, but ultimately it is up to enthusiasts like us to keep the memory of these marques alive by continuing to restore, modify and race our old Holdens for years to come.

GT is doing more than most in this regard, saving rusty Commodores from the scrap yard at a great rate. You can check out one of his most-epic builds here.