We get salt fever at Speed Week 2017 on Australia's Lake Gairdner salt lake

Photographers: Simon Davidson

OUR Classic Car Hunter – otherwise known Glenn ‘GT’ Torrens – has kicked off this year’s adventures with a bang at the Speed Week 2017. Run by the Dry Lakes Racers Australia on Lake Gairdner in South Oz, Speed Week is a very special event. The remote and hauntingly beautiful location is a big part of the attraction, along with the mateship involved and the awesome feats of engineering on show.

 Cars, bikes and trucks all take part and if it looks easy, nothing could be further from the truth. The vast majority of vehicles are built especially to race on the salt lake and there is just one chance per year in Australia to put them to the test. And that is if the weather plays ball. Want a bit more practise? You’ll need to ship your car to Bonneville or El Mirage in the USA.

 A visit to the salt as a spectator or volunteer is well worthwhile for anyone with petrol in their veins. This alone is a serious undertaking, so head over to to get yourself some knowledge.

 In the meantime, check out this episode of Classic Car Hunter – presented by Ryno Insurance – for a taste of what you can expect if you do make the pilgrimage out to the great white dyno.