Didn’t make it to Chopped this year? Here’s all the fun crammed into four-and-a-half glorious minutes

Videographers: Shane Butler

IF you can’t understand why a few thousand people and several hundred cars and bikes would want to spend their October long weekend roaring around a muddy paddock, maybe this video by Shane Butler will enlighten you.

The video starts with the spine-tingling sound of Steve Costa’s Blaster ’57 Chev gasser idling through the pits, building the tension before Steve plants his right boot and sends mud hurtling skyward as the big Chev scrabbles in vain for traction on the drag strip.

Immediately thereafter, we’re treated to the sight of the former Jim Vincent ’28 Willys bucket powersliding through the mud. A survivor from the trippy days of the early 70s, it still looks killer with its way-out Rick Pacey paintjob.

And from there, the hits just keep coming. We get a glimpse of Telfo’s recently sold Lincoln Continental, see the winner of our VIP Chopped ticket giveaway roll into camp, get a good look at Ed Radclyffe’s much-travelled four-banger, and check out Des Russell’s channelled Model A roadster and Sean Hammond’s panel-painted Ranchero, before the video fades out as night falls over a couple of the Outkast CC’s finest. Nice one Shane!